Envirosense® Power Direct Vent Gas Water Heater

The 100,000 BTU ENERGY STAR® qualified Envirosense® Power Direct Vent gas water heater is equipped with a fully submerged, spiral-shaped condensing heat exchanger and 50 or 75 gallons of storage capacity. This design provides much greater heat transfer surface than a standard straight flue tube, resulting in 96% thermal efficiency and a high hot water output.

Product Features

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified with a 96% thermal efficiency
  • Higher recovery rate so you don’t need to wait as long for the water to heat back up
  • LCD screen with an easy-to-navigate menu providing precise temperature control, operating information, diagnostics and performance history
  • Flexible venting options, so it can be vented as a power direct vent or power vent heater
  • Hot and cold side taps allow for combination systems for water heating plus space heating, radiant floor heating or other applications requiring a recirculating hot water loop
  • Two anode rods that provide superior protection against corrosion
  • Commercial-grade glass lining protects all water side tank surfaces plus inside of internal heat exchanger
  • Available in 50USG and 75USG capacities


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