ProLine® Direct Vent Gas Water Heaters

A proven performer with ten years of laboratory testing and field trials including nine winters in the extreme cold, the John Wood Direct Vent operates quietly with no need for an electric fan or external power supply. The balanced flue design with a side wall vent termination allows installation in locations without a chimney. The sealed combustion chamber and coaxial vent uses fresh air taken from outside rather than pre-heated air from within the home.

Product Features

  • ProLine® models are residential water heaters with commercial-grade quality
  • Thermopile system provides a robust pilot to withstand environmental conditions such as down drafts
  • Suitable for closet installations due to direct-vent design not requiring an external power supply or chimney
  • Sealed combustion chamber design, eliminating the need for a flammable vapour sensor
  • 50 USG high input model available for combination applications
  • 3/4” side taps available on 50 USG high input model for combination applications
  • LED indicator gives visual confirmation that the pilot is on, and provides diagnostics and troubleshooting information
  • Glass lining provides superior protection against tank corrosion
  • Top-mounted heavy-duty anode rod for added tank protection
  • Maintenance is simple with an easy-to-access combustion chamber and conveniently located drain valve


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